Alyssa Smail, Amber Livingston, Mikaela Brown, Orlagh O'Rourke, & Stephanie Stevens

April 25, 2018

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As the first official interns at The Current Agency, there was a lot of unknowns waiting for us on that first day in January. With a four month internship ahead of us, we bonded as a team and became a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Now that we are at the end of our time at The Current Agency, we thought it would be nice to reflect on our experiences and give some insight on what it’s like to be a part of the Current family.


What to expect for a semester as an intern at The Current Agency is what you make of it! This wasn’t the typical coffee run internship you hear so much about. Although, there is Red Eye Coffee on tap; it’s on tap for a reason. After my first week here, I adjusted to the Current culture as well as my mini caffeine rushes from the cold brew coffee. The atmosphere at Current is fun, competitive, and lively. The hands-on experience at Current has better prepared me for future clients that I will be working with down the road in my career. This experience as a Current Intern challenged me to be creative and innovative in a team driven environment. It opened me up to meet amazing interns with like-minded goals, as well as amazing mentors that guided me through their entire internship process.


When I first started at the Current Agency, I honestly was a little bit nervous. I was starting at a new company, I was working with other interns I had never met, and I felt scared that I was going to mess up on the first day! However, this internship turned into one of the best experiences I’ve had in my college career. My biggest takeaway from this experience is never be afraid to ask questions, even if you’re worried that you’ll sound dumb. Take every opportunity turning this internship and turn it into a learning experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something about yourself that you never knew before! I owe so much to Chirag and the Current Agency Family!


Being an intern at The Current Agency isn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced and sometimes being thrown into the unknown can be daunting (change word). I was with a team of interns I had never met and within the first week our fearless leader, Chirag, gave us our own client and told us to make a social media and marketing plan completely on our own. While he was met with wide eyes and a chorus of unsure, nervous laughs, Chirag simply replied with a smile and unbeatable positivity. It was at that moment that I realized panic has no place at Current. Trust in yourself with the same ferocity that Chirag trusts you and nothing thrown at you during your internship will be impossible. I’ve gained so much more trust in my own instincts and skills while working here and that is an invaluable thing I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life.


Working here you will see a lot of opportunities to go out and get involved with the community.  The Current team is always making an effort build strong relationships and support other businesses around them.  As interns, because we are “part of their family”, we are always invited to join them on these outings.  I personally made an effort to attend all of these events and found it extremely beneficial.  Not only did I get to network with people from companies and nonprofits across Tallahassee, I discovered new parts of Tallahassee that are outside of the normal college areas we don’t usually branch out from.


As a junior with past agency internship experience I thought I knew exactly how this semester would go. However, as the name might suggest, the Current Agency is much different from your typical marketing agency. As an intern, I was given more freedom and respect than I would ever get from a large agency. No, the Current name is not a big name yet, but, the Current Agency has given me more real world experience than any class or fancy internship ever could have. The lively and fun company culture combined with the incredible work ethic of the Current team is really what has made this internship one of my favorites. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, get out of your comfort zone, or take the lead!

All in all, if you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there and really do some work you will find yourself quickly succeeding at The Current Agency. You get out of it what you put into it, and with the help and support of Chirag, Jessica, and Savannah it’s hard to not enjoy yourself and fall in love with the work you are doing. And once you are a part of the Current family, you are always a member of the Current family.